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Adoption love!

this little lady Biscuit, was returned to the shelter 2 times because they said she snored too loud! Good thing I love the pug snores 🙂 they are the best, cracks me up!  #pugs #love #dogs #adoption 

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Dogs have all the luck :)

Sophia is one lucky dog #lucky   

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Corgi Time 


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Comfort At its finest!!!

How is this comfortable!?!    

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cow + dog = we do that!

Dogs best friend… Cow?? Biscuit the Chug and Lesado the cow! #farm #dog #fetch! #friends  


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Lazy Friday to all!

Hope your day is as lazy as mine!  

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what is your best animal selfie?  


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How and where does your dog sleep?

I am always finding Tobias in the craziest sleeping positions! Love this corgi! 


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Pug smiles 

If you haven’t smiled today… Here you go 🙂  

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