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Favorite Spots

Make yourself comfortable Mr. Tobias! Does your dog or cat have a favorite spot in your house?! 


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Hamsters ! 

Did you know #Fetch! actually will watch your little critters too? Like Ms. frappiccino here! She’s just hanging around. 


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Corgi Time 

Just hangin with Sophia while mom and dad are away! Sweet little corgi girl! #pups #corgi #dogwatching

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Park exploration 

I have realized today after exploring the neighborhood there are just so many great parks out here!! Dog walking trails surrounded by farms (by the way did you know Fetch! Of Redmond and Sammamish take care of horses, chickens, and any other animal you can imagine?)!  One realy nice park has a gorgeous trail for dogs to walk is located in the Sammamish area called ebright creek park 

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Taking care of animals that’s what we do!

Had some help putting out signs today on east lake sammamish ! 

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Too cool! 

Someone is too cool for school! #dogsinsunglasses 

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Homeward Pet adoption 

Ok everyone on the planet!! Please share this guy! My mom volunteers here and she says he’s a sweetheart! He would do well with teens and as an only dominate dog for someone who is active and loving! He has been at the shelter tooo long and it’s starting to get to the poor guy! Went to visit him today and he’s such a big OL sweetie!!! You can visit him and adopt him at homewardpet.org in woodinville washington !!!

Homeward Pet

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