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What’s your type?

so I’m a dorky dog type. Give me a dog with a weird anything and I’m all over them! My boy Tobias is one of those 🙂 man he cracks me up! What breed type are you? 

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Doggie yoga

Does anyone do yoga with their pups? I have seen this video so many times and each time I love it! Thought I would share some morning stretches with you all which is being forwarded from a fellow blogger’s facebook.

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Welcome Back 10% off

Spending most of this beautiful sunny day filling out these post cards to some lucky customers. Can’t believe how nice it is out today!! So much sun, clear blue skies! Have you taken your dog for a walk today? Today is the day to get some good exercise 🙂 if your not able to walk your dog today give us a call at redmond fetch!



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