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Tis the season of giving

on December 12, 2014

This time of year is always special and also a time to  help those in need.  If you are looking to get an animal to help this holiday season think of adoption at a local shelter, these guys really need and want homes.  Also make sure you have the time for your new little family member, this is where we come in to help.  Here at fetch we can get your new family member out of the house while you are at work or on vacation.  We can train your new puppy with puppy training visits to help these new family members succeed in house training and basic commands.  We are here to help so just give us a call (425) 242-3535 or visit us online http://redmond—sammamish-.fetchpetcare.com/ and we will get you in contact with the perfect sitter for you and your new or old family 4 legged family member.


Sweet and snuggly, my name is Lenore! I enjoy watching the game from a lap in the stands as oppose to playing the field. I’m a four year old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua hoping you’d love an adorable mascot on your team! www.homewardpet.org/dogs


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