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Happy thanksgiving!!!


Now this is what I call the perfect turkey!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a little bit of thanksgiving humor!


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Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving is almost here it makes us all thankful for our little turkeys!! If you need a smile these are the pictures to do it.

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Cat food what cat food?

Oh Sofia darling that face! You know what you did… Cat food is for cats silly corgi!! Does your dog love cat food more than dog food? Sometimes I feel like dogs must feel how people feel on a strict diet! They want the one thing they can’t or shouldn’t have! For Sophia here it is wet cat food !!!


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Dear Diary!

These video’s crack me up.  If you are going out of town and need your cats to be fed, pet and litter box cleaned let us know! We can make your cat Diary be a happy one here at Redmond-Sammamish Fetch! w

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Who needs a smile today?!

Animals always get you to smile! #happy #redmond #fetch #dogwalkers

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Ready for work? Let us walk your pooch!


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Pugs!! Love those smooshed faces


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The ultimate what your dog is thinking video

What a happy dog! http://youtu.be/kI4yoXyb1_M

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Dogs and their toys!

I really wish we knew what our little furrbabies were thinking. Every time the vacuum comes on it is battle time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLGWMteMSMc&sns=tw via @youtube

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